LispWorks in Action

LispWorks users tackle an extraordinary variety of tasks in diverse areas of commerce, industry and academic research. This new section of our website features some examples.

If you have another successful application, opensource project or research interest using LispWorks, please submit your description for publication here.

A music notation editor for singer-songwriters

Open Sound Control and MIDI mapping application

Customizable sheet music for hymns

Music Notation Editor

Dynamic chemical engineering flowsheet simulator and design system

The Success and Happiness Attributes Questionnaire

Forensic Fingerprint Collection/Analysis

Realtime stock trading

Interactive voice response

Educational data visualization

Astrology software supports Lisp scripting

Natural language processing

Behavior analysis of video feeds

Marketing analysis

Studio for taobao sellers

Get the meanings of words

Aircraft analysis software

Knowledge Study Tool

Internet production system

Music composition and analysis

Trucking Enterprise Resource Management System

Project management, time records and invoicing tools

Web-based reconciliation for medical data

Music notation

Symbolic biocomputing

Sports competition management

Signal processing in missile defense

Automated testing in the aerospace industry

Building graphical database applications

A PostgreSQL development environment

A regular expressions tutor

Signal processing in audiometrics


Ergonomics Analysis for Vehicle Assembly

Link Analysis software

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