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ixiaozhushou.com is a personal studio created by Xu Jingtao for taobao sellers - taobao is China's largest online shopping site.

ixiaozhushou.com website ixiaozhushou.com website
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ixiaozhushou.com features an assistant tool named xiaozhushou editor which helps taobao sellers edit their goods description.

The xiaozhushou editor interface The xiaozhushou editor interface
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xiaozhushou editor is indeed a WYSIWYW HTML editor. What distinguishes it from many online HTML editors is auto picture insertion by monitoring clipboard changes, template management, WYSIWYW text colour changing and many other features.

The self-update-from-remote interface The self-update-from-remote interface
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ixiaozhushou.com also features an online license manager and a small wiki system to deploy online help documents.

The xiaozhushou editor and site were developed in Common Lisp, and the xiaozhushou editor was developed in LispWorks 6.0.

I chose Common Lisp because of its interactive, high level development environment, and LispWorks because of its favourable licensing terms and powerful yet rapid CAPI.

The xiaozhushou editor was delivered in LispWorks as an ActiveX control (also a browser help object of Internet Explorer) and was embedded into Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

The xiaozhushou editor has been used by my wife, a taobao seller for about a year and has been for sale online to other users since 2010.10.08.

Xu Jingtao
Jingtaozf Studio


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