Tell us about your application, project or research using LispWorks!

Please send email to . We need about 200-500 words under these headings:

  • Name of application, project or research
  • Name of company, organization or consultant
  • What the company does
  • What the software does
  • Year software first published or used
  • How Lisp is used
  • Why you chose Common Lisp
  • Why you chose LispWorks
  • Links to your website or other relevant URLs

Attach up to three screenshot(s) of your software in action. GIF or PNG format is preferred, no wider than 600 pixels. Please also provide captions explaining what the screenshots show.

Publication and Copyright

By submitting your contribution you agree that LispWorks Ltd may publish it at this website and if necessary edit it for that purpose.

If your contribution does not include a copyright statement then by submitting it you agree that LispWorks Ltd owns the copyright. If you prefer to retain the copyright, then please include a suitable copyright statement.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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