LispWorks Features

LispWorks offers a number of extensions to the ANSI Common Lisp language standard. The basic extensions such as the CAPI and the Foreign Language Interface are included in every variant of LispWorks on all desktop platforms. Other features and libraries are available only as indicated in the tables below.

LispWorks 8.0 Features by Edition and Platform

LispWorks Edition Platform
Personal Hobbyist HobbyistDV Professional Enterprise Windows Linux macOS x86/x64 Solaris FreeBSD
Choice of 32-bit or 64-bit
x86/x86_64 CPU support
ARM CPU support
Java interface
CAPI portable GUI toolkit
Support for input methods
LispWorks IDE
Application Builder tool
Interface Builder tool
Code coverage tools
Support for multi-touch gestures
ASDF3 integrated
Foreign Language Interface
Internationalization through Unicode
SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing)
Profiling multiple threads
Programmer-extensible streams
TCP/UDP sockets with SSL & IPv6 support
Object finalization
Weak pointers and hash tables
Optimized application delivery
Dynamic library delivery
Applications free of charge
Editor source code
Metaobject Protocol
KnowledgeWorks® and Prolog
CLIM 2.0
Common SQL (ODBC interface)
Common SQL (SQLite interface)
Common SQL (Oracle OCI interface)
Common SQL (MySQL interface)
Common SQL (PostgreSQL interface)
Objective-C/Cocoa FLI
Drag and drop
Customizable toolbars (native on Cocoa)
Use ActiveX components
LispWorks as ActiveX control
OpenSSL interface
LispWorks ORB
Serial Port interface
COM server and client interface
Direct Data Exchange (DDE)
Searchable HTML Documentation

= Supported
= Supported on GTK+ only
= Supported on Motif only
= Supported in 64-bit LispWorks only

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