Privacy Statement

LispWorks Ltd is committed to respecting your privacy and therefore aims to safeguard and protect any personal information that it receives from you. Personal information may be used to identify an individual and can include your name, address, telephone number, email, and other data. With your consent, personal information may be obtained from you through various tracking methods, such as "cookie" technology. Where that information is collected, it will be treated confidentially in accordance with this privacy statement and any laws that are applicable at the time.

LispWorks Ltd will not transfer information received from you to any third party unless the law requires that transference. You may choose to withhold personal information, but this may limit your ability to access particular features of the site that necessitates such information.

Should you begin business relations with LispWorks Ltd, collected personal information will understandably be used to contact you in that respect. If you had business relations with Xanalys in respect of its Lisp business prior to January 2005, then the personal information collected by Xanalys is now held and used by LispWorks Ltd. LispWorks Ltd will take reasonable steps to maintain the accuracy of any personal information received from you.

Whilst being unable to offer any absolute guarantee of privacy, LispWorks Ltd will do its best to ensure that any personal information received is treated with respect and confidentiality in accordance with applicable laws.

In using this website you are assenting to the terms of this privacy statement. Should the privacy statement change, we will take all reasonable steps to inform you of those changes.

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