External Lisp Resources

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Lisp in Small Parts

A tutorial using LispWorks by David Johnson-Davies.



A widget for working with data in tabular form.

Lisp Tools


Many interesting Common Lisp programs with source code available for download.

Common Lisp Hypermedia Server (CL-HTTP)

Common Lisp makes this HTTP server very configurable and extensible.

DNS Service Discovery (aka Zeroconf) for LispWorks.

A Common Lisp wrapper around the DNS-SD API. Use it to browse the network for services.


Developer resources including mailing lists and hosting for Common Lisp projects.


A collection of libraries for Common Lisp.


An Emacs mode for Common Lisp development.

LispWorks project generator

LW-PROJECT-GENERATOR helps you to create cross-platform LispWorks projects.

The Runner's Log

A shareware LispWorks program from Wade Humeniuk.


Persistency for Lisp and CLOS objects via a client/server architecture.


A persistence library for Common Lisp.

CMU Common Lisp Repository

Contains Lisp code for benchmarking, research, education, and fun.

More External Lisp Resources

The Common Lisp Foundation

The Foundation aims to promote the use and development of the Common Lisp programming language.

The Association of Lisp Users

ALU aims to promote Lisp and represent users.


This newsgroup offers interesting discussions, arguments and news about Lisp. The resident experts can answer the most obscure questions about the language.

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