LispWorks ORB

LispWorks ORB provides a complete distributed computing solution for Common Lisp. Developed by the Object Management Group (OMG), CORBA® supports the integration of components written in a variety of languages running on all major platforms. This allows enterprise developers to choose the right tool for each part of a project, and provides new opportunities for the integration of advanced languages such as Common Lisp into distributed solutions. It is also ideal for organizations seeking to integrate applications with the Internet and with existing bodies of code.

A sample demonstration developed by Harlequin included components written in C++, Dylan, Common Lisp, and Java, as well as the Microsoft Access database and Netscape Navigator Web browser. The system was distributed across Windows and UNIX workstations, and provided custom GUI interfaces as well as browser-based interfaces.

A Complete CORBA Solution

LispWorks ORB includes everything needed to develop and deploy CORBA solutions.

  • An integrated Interface Definition Language (IDL) compiler, for importing CORBA interfaces into Common Lisp programs.
  • A complete Object Request Broker (ORB), for deploying CORBA solutions.
  • Support for version 2.0 of CORBA as well as relevant portions of the 2.2 standard.
  • Support for the Portable Object Adapter (POA).
  • Support for the Internet InterOrb Protocol (IIOPTM).
  • Support for Dynamic Invocation Interfaces (DII).
  • Support for Dynamic Skeleton Interfaces (DSI).
  • Full Lisp binding, compliant with the 1999-05-18 version of the Common Lisp Language Mapping

Because CORBA is a vendor-neutral standard, solutions developed with LispWorks ORB will interoperate with other CORBA ORBs.

System Requirements and Availability

LispWorks ORB is included with LispWorks Enterprise Edition.

For purchasing and further information, please contact us.

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