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Liberating Insight provides customized software development for business, engineering and technical processes using a knowledge-based approach with Internet distribution. We have provided customized solutions for a variety of clients in a wide range of industries such as steel manufacturing, large-scale construction, economic development and international trade.

In 2005, Liberating Insight developed a web-based Enterprise Resource Management System (ERMS) using LispWorks for a regional trucking company based in the Midwest. The web-based application enables the company to manage its logistics and continual communication requirements to efficiently serve its customers, agents, contracted carriers and 150 plus drivers.

The Enterprise Resource Management System enjoys substantial success within the company. First, the program simplifies the scheduling process for the brokerage department. It automates communication of available loads to potential carriers utilizing a knowledge-based matching algorithm that provides loads to carriers based on past performance and route preference. The matching process was impossible to accomplish prior to the ERMS. It is now fully automated, thus improving the scheduling process without increasing company costs.

Second, the company's dispatch division utilizes the program to minimize dead-head miles (that is, distances trucks must drive without a paying load) by better coordinating drivers to upcoming loads. The dispatch division estimates the ERMS decreased dead head miles by 10 percent while reducing assignment time by 50 percent.

Third, the finance division utilizes the ERMS to publish load histories with payments for customer and driver review. The program reduces the weekly workload required to create customer invoices and driver payments by eight hours creating substantial financial savings to the company over the course of a year.

Overview of the Trucking Enterprise Resource Management System. Overview of the Trucking Enterprise Resource Management System

Liberating Insight selected the LispWorks platform for the several advantages it offers. First, it provides a rapid and flexible design environment which enables the application to come to market extremely quickly. Second, it provides reliable operation and low life cycle costs. Liberating Insight is very pleased with LispWorks and plans to use their application in future endeavors.


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