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Secure Outcomes Inc.

Secure Outcomes Inc. is a Colorado/USA venture funded corporation created to bring a unique patented family of new technology Livescan fingerprinting systems to the law enforcement, government, military and civilian background check markets.

All of our software development has been in LispWorks and Common Lisp, and consists of a code base of about 150,000 lines of code running in a soft real-time environment on proprietary/custom hardware.

LS/1100™ Digital Livescan Fingerprinting System LS/1100™ Digital Livescan Fingerprinting System

LS/1100 Livescan fingerprinting system is designed specifically for law enforcement and government/military users that require extreme ease of use, ability to survive the hostile police booking environment, small size, portable capability, and, of course, affordability.

We currently have almost 400 customers in the United States including 120+ police departments, almost 100 public schools (employee background checks), U.S. Army and Air Force, several federal agencies, Fortune 500s and others. We are now entering the European fingerprinting markets.

LiveScan fingerprinting replaces the old manual wet ink and paper methods that have been used for the last 150 years with a more reliable, faster and far more accurate digital inkless technique.

LS/Lite™ Civilian Digital Livescan Fingerprinting System LS/Lite™ Civilian Digital Livescan Fingerprinting System

The LS/Lite Livescan fingerprinting system is designed specifically for civilian users that require extreme ease of use, high volume group fingerprinting, easy portability for field use, and, of course, affordability.

Secure Outcomes market is not so-called biometrics, which are simple low-margin commodity items designed to identify persons that want to be identified, for example to get physical access through a door.

Secure Outcomes forensic quality Livescan systems, in contrast, are designed to collect fingerprint data to identify persons that do not want to be identified, for example a murderer at a crime scene or a job applicant with a criminal history or a terrorist and to collect and manage that data in 100% compliance with the extensive federal and state regulations and certifications that enable the information to stand up as forensic evidence in a criminal or civil court of law during prosecution.

Our systems not only access the U.S. FBI/DHS/TSA/SWFT/state government fingerprint databases to identify and provide background check information to our customers, but critically, our systems also generate the forensic quality fingerprint data that feeds those strategic government databases – and, therefore, our data MUST be correct.

Our systems have to date collected, archived and transmitted over 100,000 fingerprint sets with other information to state and federal authorities for identification and criminal history.

All of our systems have been formally FBI Certified for transmission through the Internet to government agency databases as encrypted traffic. Other formal certifications include the U.S. FedGov SWFT background check system for cleared civilian/military employees, TSA/ATF/DHS (for transmission) as well as numerous state agencies.

Secure Outcomes has an impressive intellectual property portfolio with four issued patents (to date) including an artificial intelligence/machine learning patent, a technology/manufacturing patent and a business method patent.

After understanding the complex requirements of the product that we were to build at start up, selection of the correct/optimal programming language/environment was critical – getting that wrong would have been lethal.

We chose Common Lisp because we operate in a strongly government regulated environment in compliance with numerous different government agencies each with very complex data that randomly changes in structure over time.

In addition, usual metrics show that software systems developed in Common Lisp are typically only 15% or so the length (lines of code) of equivalent code written in C/C++. A company our size was and is able to effectively deal with building 150,000 lines of code, but 1,000,000+ lines of equivalent C++ code would be a problem — and building a million lines of correct code and making that work for product launch under the usual start up pressures would have been impossible with the budget that we had.

However, the single most important reason that we chose Common Lisp is that Lisp is a programmable programming language and that is critical when dealing with complex unpredictable data patterns that randomly change over time.

We chose LispWorks after a careful evaluation of the capabilities of that and other systems to run in our real-time environments for weeks and months on end without restarts.

In short, an error-free Common Lisp programming/execution environment was critical to our needs and LispWorks was, we found, the best system on the market for those needs.

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Secure Outcomes Inc.
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