b.i.p. toolkit

STK Consulting & Development, Germany

STK Consulting & Development offers a variety of custom-made software products for clients that include banks, insurance companies and estate agents. All products are based on their b.i.p. toolkit, which is used graphically to create and manipulate class hierarchies and objects, and to design and deliver stand-alone Windows applications based on these classes, storing their objects in SQL databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQLite. The b.i.p. framework is written in Common Lisp using LispWorks.

A Windows GUI built using the b.i.p. toolkit
A Windows GUI built using the b.i.p. toolkit

STK's consultant Edi Weitz says, 'It is hard to imagine writing an application this flexible with any other programming language. LispWorks' CAPI toolkit enables us to create completely dynamic GUI elements at runtime, and its network and FFI facilities make connecting to "foreign" databases a breeze.'


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