Refined Audiometrics Laboratory, USA

Refined Audiometrics Laboratory (RAL) is the industry leader in ultra-high quality phase-linear mastering parametric equalizers for use by mastering engineers around the world. These systems are used by high-end audio mastering studios to prepare recordings for the glass-masters in audio CD production.

The LispWorks-based SigLab is used to explore the advanced signal processing algorithms implemented by the product. RAL has a unique way of treating live audio streams simultaneously in time-forward and time-reversed directions. SigLab enables the company not only to watch simulations respond to real-time parameter variations, but also catch elusive transient responses of very short duration.

RAL have also developed a LispWorks-based system based system for modeling financial markets and derivatives trading. It can respond to real events as they occur, and monitor risk/reward curves for trading positions.

David McClain of RAL says: 'Very elegant, and very cool... only possible with Lisp.'


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