Wildora, France

Wildora is a software development firm creating innovative digital interaction applications. In addition to developing its primary product, OSCulator, Wildora also provides consulting services to help other entities harness the power of technology effectively.

OSCulator is a software written for artists and digital creatives, designed to map OSC (Open Sound Control) and MIDI data to various interactive applications such as music, VJing, installations or web. It facilitates the transformation and routing of these signals into something readily usable, bridging the gap between technical capabilities and creative execution.

The software was first published and used in 2007.

Above: some examples of the OSCulator user interface.

Common Lisp was chosen for its expressive syntax and rich feature set, which supports high-level abstractions for problem-solving. Its inherent ability for incremental development and debugging is valuable in quickly iterating designs and ideas. Furthermore, Common Lisp's dynamic typing and garbage collection features reduced the overhead of memory management, leading to faster, more efficient development cycles.

The primary factor driving the choice of LispWorks for developing OSCulator was its transparent handling of the transition from x64 to arm64 architectures. This capability allows OSCulator to fully leverage the benefits of Apple Silicon, the latest in processing technology, without causing disruptions to existing development practices. In addition, LispWorks offers an advanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with powerful debugging capabilities. This greatly improves the efficiency of development cycles and quality of the final product, making it invaluable for a solution like OSCulator.

Web site: osculator.net

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