LispWorks Personal Edition

System Requirements

Before downloading LispWorks Personal Edition, please first check the system requirements for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD or x86/x64 Solaris.

The download size is between 42MB and 65MB, depending on the platform.

Current Version

The current version is LispWorks 8.0.1 Personal Edition. It includes the new features announced here.

Personal Edition Limitations

Please note that the LispWorks Personal Edition, distributed free of charge, has the following intentional limitations:

  • There is a heap size limit which, if exceeded, causes the image to exit. A warning is provided when the limit is approached.
  • There is a time limit of 5 hours for each session, after which LispWorks Personal exits, possibly without saving your work or performing cleanups such as removing temporary files. You are warned after 4 hours of use.
  • The functions save-image, deliver, and load-all-patches are not available.
  • Initialization files are not loaded.
  • Layered products that are part of LispWorks Professional and Enterprise Editions (CLIM, KnowledgeWorks, Common SQL and LispWorks ORB) are not included.

Downloading LispWorks® Personal Edition

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