LispWorks 8.0.1 Personal Edition Release

Cambridge, England, 25 July 2022

LispWorks Ltd has released LispWorks 8.0.1 Personal Edition on Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux®, FreeBSD® and x86/x64 Solaris platforms. LispWorks Personal Edition is available free of charge.

This release raises LispWorks Personal Edition to the same version as the LispWorks 8.0.1 Hobbyist, HobbyistDV Professional and Enterprise Editions. It adds native support for Apple silicon Macs as well as many new features and bug fixes since the previous Personal Edition.

Not all features are supported for every platform. Please see the feature table for details.

More details of the improvements since the previous LispWorks Personal Edition release, which was version 7.1.2, can be found in the Release Notes for LispWorks 8.0.

How to obtain LispWorks Personal Edition

Download LispWorks Personal Edition here.

Contact LispWorks Ltd

For information about purchasing LispWorks, service renewals and sales contact LispWorks Ltd at:

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