LispWorks® Enterprise (64-bit) for SPARC Solaris®

This is a full native implementation of ANSI Common Lisp for 64-bit Sun SPARC hardware running Solaris 2.8 or later.

LispWorks (64-bit) for SPARC Solaris is available as Enterprise Edition, described here.

Below we describe some of the major features of LispWorks (64-bit) for SPARC Solaris. More detail is shown on the features page.

Note: LispWorks (32-bit) for SPARC Solaris and LispWorks for x86/x64 Solaris are also available.

Graphical User Interface

The CAPI and the LispWorks IDE run under X11/Motif.


You can build your LispWorks (64-bit) for SPARC Solaris application as an executable runtime.

Common SQL Database support

Common SQL is part of LispWorks Enterprise Edition. It offers sophisticated database access through native database interfaces or through ODBC.


KnowledgeWorks is part of LispWorks Enterprise Edition. It includes an IDE for developing knowledge-based system and a Prolog implementation.

System Requirements

Here's more detail about the system requirements.

Further Information

If you need further information about LispWorks (64-bit) for SPARC Solaris, please email .

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