LispWorks 5.0.2 Patch Release

Cambridge, England, 16 April 2007

LispWorks Ltd is pleased to announce the LispWorks 5.0.2 patch release.

This is a bug fix release for LispWorks 5.0 on all supported platforms.


The LispWorks 5.0.2 patch release is available for download free of charge to customers with LispWorks 5.0.x.

Bug Fixes

Details of the bug fixes in this release can be found in the Release Notes.

To see which private patches have been included in 5.0.2, check the list in the Release Notes.

How to obtain LispWorks 5.0.2

Visit the LispWorks Patches page.

Upgrading from LispWorks 5.0.1

Simply install these patches to raise the version to 5.0.2.

LispWorks 5.0.1 for FreeBSD users should uninstall 5.0.1 first, following the instructions in the Release Notes.

Upgrading from LispWorks 4.4.x

Customers still using LispWorks 4.4.x or earlier versions should purchase licenses for version 5.0 and then install these patches to raise the version to 5.0.2.

Contact LispWorks Ltd

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