64-bit LispWorks now available for Intel-based Macintosh

Cambridge, England, 18 December 2006

LispWorks Ltd is pleased to announce new support for Intel-based Macintosh computers in the 64-bit implementation of LispWorks, the advanced Common Lisp programming tool.

LispWorks 5.0 Enterprise Edition (64-bit) now supports Macintoshes that contain 64-bit Core 2 Duo and Xeon processors, including Mac Pro, MacBook and MacBook Pro, as well as PowerPC G5 machines. This release is a universal binary application which runs natively on either architecture, like LispWorks 5.0 (32-bit).

If you have a license for the original LispWorks 5.0 Enterprise Edition (64-bit) release (which supports only PowerPC hardware) then you will receive this update at no charge. You will then be ready to move your 64-bit LispWorks for Macintosh applications to Intel-based hardware.

Note: This announcement does not imply any change for users of LispWorks 5.0 (32-bit) for Macintosh, which already includes full support for Intel-based Macintosh hardware and universal binaries.

LispWorks 5.0 continues to offer excellent value with no runtime license fees on Macintosh, Windows, Linux and FreeBSD platforms. A maintenance package is available offering best value on future upgrades.


Price information for LispWorks 5.0 is here.


To order LispWorks 5.0 go here.

If you would like to evaluate LispWorks 5.0 prior to a possible purchase, just ask us at . We will need to know which of these products you are considering purchasing. We would also be interested to learn what you are planning to use LispWorks for.

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