LispWorks Launches Version 5.0 of its Advanced Lisp Programming Environment

Cambridge, England, 31 July 2006

LispWorks Ltd is pleased to announce the release of LispWorks 5.0 on Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux® and FreeBSD® platforms.

LispWorks 5.0 brings these new features:

  • Support for Intel-based Macintosh machines and universal binaries
  • New 64-bit implementations on Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms
  • A new port, LispWorks for FreeBSD
  • Improved architecture on x86 Windows and Linux platforms bringing enhanced performance
  • Lisp processes use pthreads on Linux and FreeBSD
  • Better CAPI dialogs on Cocoa and a host of new CAPI features on all platforms
  • Support for Windows XP® themes
  • New Symbol Browser and Tracer tools
  • A new Application Delivery tool, helping you to build your LispWorks applications
  • Native support for Oracle® OCI, Oracle LOBs and MySQL in Common SQL
  • Support for multithreading and truth maintenance in KnowledgeWorks®

LispWorks 5.0 continues to offer excellent value with no runtime license fees. A maintenance package is available offering best value on future upgrades.

More details of the improvements in this release can be found in the Release Notes.


Pricing information for LispWorks 5.0 is here.

Owners of current maintenance contracts for LispWorks Professsional Edition or Enterprise Edition are entitled to discounts on the purchase of LispWorks 5.0. See here for details


To order LispWorks 5.0 go here.

If you would like to evaluate LispWorks 5.0 prior to a possible purchase, just ask us at . We will need to know which of these products you are considering purchasing. We would also be interested to learn what you are planning to use LispWorks for.

LispWorks 5.0 for UNIX

LispWorks 5.0 for Solaris and HP-UX platforms will be available later this year, along with a new 64-bit implementation on Solaris. Contact us if you would like to evaluate a pre-release build on any of these platforms.

LispWorks 5.0 Personal Edition

LispWorks 5.0 Personal Edition will be released later this year.

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