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Title: Using OpenMotif with LispWorks

ID: 17021

Product: LispWorks for Linux
Version: 4.2
OS: Linux

The correct version of OpenMotif to use with LispWorks for Linux 4.2 is OpenMotif 2.1. It is usually installed in


To use OpenMotif with LispWorks, install OpenMotif 2.1 and edit the file


to specify

:prefer-version 2

Please note that a development version of OpenMotif 2.2 appears to be binary-incompatible with LispWorks 4.2 This is installed in


If you get this error:

 Error during GUI startup:
  Could not register handle for external module X-UTILITIES::CAPIX11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

then the problem may be that you're trying to use OpenMotif, but have the wrong version installed.

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