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Title: How do I run LispWorks in console mode?

ID: 16006

Product: LispWorks for Linux (Enterprise), LispWorks for Linux (Professional), LispWorks for Windows (Enterprise), LispWorks for Windows (Professional / Enterprise)
Version: All
OS: All

Description: LWW and LWL both start the Common LispWorks GUI on startup, by default.

To run the Professional and Enterprise editions in terminal (non-GUI) mode, you must use a resaved image.

Additionally, on MS Windows, the OS needs to distinguish between windowing and console applications before startup. LWW is distributed as a windowing application, so you need to specify that the resaved image is a console application.

* Prepare a script file (let's call it terminal.lisp) including the following:

(save-image "lw-terminal" #+Win32 :console #+Win32 t :environment nil)

* Save an image using this script i.e. (from a DOS Prompt)

<dir>/lispworks-4200.exe -init <dir>/terminal.lisp

* Wait until lw-terminal.exe has been created.

* The new image lw-terminal.exe runs without the GUI by default.

Please note that neither of these options is available in the Personal
Editions of LWW and LWL.

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