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Title: Ctrl-Meta-x in KDE

ID: 17023

Product: All
Version: All
OS: Linux

The key C-M-x (bound to Evaluate Defun command in the LispWorks editor) fails to work. Similar keys such as C-M-h work, and M-x Evaluate Defun works.

This problem appeared when using KDE Klipper. Thanks to Peter Denno for sending us this explanation:

For others who might have this problem:

1. Click right on Klipper (the clipboard icon to the right of the panel) and choose "Preferences..."

2. Under the "Shortcuts" tab select the shortcut set to Alt+Ctrl+x

3. In the radio buttons below the list of shortcuts, either set this Shortcut to "None" or "Custom". If "Custom", choose a key sequence that will not interfere with LispWorks.

It may also be possible to fix this problem through the KDE Control Center, Shortcuts tab. I note that just correcting at Klipper as described above fixed the problem, yet the Control Center still reported that on the Clipboard Alt+Ctrl+x was bound to Enable/Disable Clipboard Actions.

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