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Title: Lispworks advice feature usage

ID: 10023

Product: LispWorks, LispWorks for Linux, LispWorks for Windows
Version: All
OS: All

Description: CALL-NEXT-ADVICE is a lexical function so you can use it with APPLY. e.g.

(defun adder (a b c)
 (+ a b c))

(defadvice (adder simple-trace :around) (&rest args)
 (format t "~&Args: ~S~%" args)
 (let ((result (multiple-value-list
                (apply #'call-next-advice args))))
   (format t "~&Result values: ~S~%" result)
   (values-list result)))

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Summary:The advice feature doesn't seem to have any documented equivalent of LCL's apply-advice-continue. This makes it impossible to have a piece of advice with an &rest arg and then be able to continue the advice without violating the API.
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