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Title: LOAD and automount directories

ID: 16002

Product: LispWorks, LispWorks for Linux
Version: All
OS: All Unix platforms


If LOAD appears to fail to find files, check the value of SYSTEM:*AUTO-MOUNT-PREFIX-LIST* . Spurious entries on this list will cause LOAD to fail to find files.

Typically automounters use an automount directory into which
symbolic links are created when a filesystem is automounted. The function
TRUENAME normally follows symbolic links until a physical file is found but
this should not happen for the automount links themselves since they are
transient. This variable should contain a
list of the prefixes for which TRUENAME should not follow soft links, because they are just automount directories. Use this only if the
directory tree in the automount directory is the same as the tree that
contain links to it. E.g., if files accessed through /nfs/<hostname> are
automounted on /amd/<hostname> and a link is placed in /nfs/, then "/amd/"
should be in the list.

See the file config/configure.lisp for the default setting of SYSTEM:*AUTO-MOUNT-PREFIX-LIST*

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