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Title: How to load KnowledgeWorks

ID: 10038

Product: LispWorks for Windows (Enterprise)
Version: 4.1
OS: All Windows platforms

The KnowledgeWorks instructions were missed from the LWW 4.1
Release Notes (though they were included in the unix LW 4.1 notes).

The following should have been included:

Common Prolog and KnowledgeWorks

Common Prolog is bundled with KnowledgeWorks (rather than with LispWorks as in
previous versions). KnowledgeWorks is loaded by using (require "kw") so the
instructions in Appendix A of the KnowledgeWorks and Prolog User Guide which
refer to the function lw:initialize-prolog are no longer relevant.

See Also:

Summary:Customer writes:

I have installed my copy of the Enterprise edition for LWW 4.1. I cannot get
the KnowledgeWorks to appear. My podium looks like the standard Lisp podium,
unlike the one shown on page 6 of your book, and my listener is the standard
Lisp listener also.

When I try (use "KW-USER") it complains that KW-USER is not a package. After
doing (list-all-packages) I find, indeed, there isn't such a package. So I
went back to reinstall, just in case I had missed something, and the
installer told me that KnowledgeWorks is already installed in my system.
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