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Title: Enigmatically-named uninterned symbols at delivery level 5

ID: 16001

Product: LispWorks for Windows (Professional / Enterprise)
Version: All

You have two problems here:

(a) to find out which symbols are referred to by the enigmatic #:REA and #:LAT, and

(b) to then figure out why a function which was apparently defined at level 4 ceased to be defined at level 5.

First things first - see the description in documentation of the delivery keyword :symbol-names-action. Its default value (hint: use the function lw:deliver-keywords to obtain definitive default values) is

(>= *delivery-level* 5)

Try adding

:symbol-names-action nil

to your delivery script. This will retain full symbol-names, and should allow you to proceed with
debugging the delivery process.

See Also:

Summary:When turning lisp code into stand alone executables I have been
able to successfully deliver at level 4, which has reduced the
image size from just over 16M to just under 8M. Everything works
fine. However, when I go to level 5 I get a message box which

"Undefined function #:REA called with arguments (#<#:LAT 204B9a14>)."
Patch Enhancement#:

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