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Title: LispWorks does not start

ID: 17065

Product: LispWorks for Macintosh
Version: All
OS: Mac OS X

Description: After an initially successful installation, LispWorks now fails to start. The LispWorks executable is reduced in size.

Attempting to launch LispWorks from the Dock or Finder now results only in a bouncing LW icon in the Dock, and running LispWorks from the command line prints this message:

Reading LispWorks file /Applications/LispWorks 6.1 (64-bit)/LispWorks
(64-bit).app/Contents/MacOS/./lispworks-6-1-0-macos64-universal: failed to find
trailer, error -101

This problem seems to have been caused by the "Binaries Cutter" utility in MacKeeper which attempts to delete unneeded parts of applications in order to reclaim disk space. Unfortunately this corrupts the LispWorks executable that we distribute.

The same problem can result from use of other cleanup utilities including CleanMyMac (version 4.0.2 and earlier).

The image lispworks-6-1-0-macos64-universal contains the executable and Lisp heap contiguously in one file. Some clean-up and optimization utilties, like MacKeeper and CleanMyMac, do not grok this format. They tend to strip away the Lisp heap, leaving a much smaller and non-functional executable file.

See Also: 10760
Workaround: Possible solutions:
  • Disable the Binaries Cutter component of MacKeeper, and reinstall LispWorks.
  • Disable or uninstall the cleanup utility, and reinstall LispWorks.
  • Temporarily disable the cleanup utility, reinstall LispWorks (version 6.0 or later), save a split LispWorks image with
    (save-image .... :split t)
    and add a shortcut to the executable in the Dock, and then enable the cleanup utility. It should not corrupt the split LispWorks image. See the documentation for save-image for more information.
  • If possible, configure the cleanup utility to not touch LispWorks (in CleanMyMac add LispWorks to the Ignore List). Then reinstall LispWorks.

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