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Title: Crash when mousing over file dialog

ID: 17044

Product: LispWorks for Windows
Version: All
OS: All Windows platforms

LispWorks crashes while the user mouses over a dialog produced by the functions capi:prompt-for-file and capi:prompt-for-files, or a dialog produced by File > Open... in the LispWorks IDE.

The crash occurs only when the dialog shows files in the Desktop folder. The user first mouses over a file in the dialog so that the file's info window pops up, then cancels the dialog and repeats one more time. The crash is repeatable, and LispWorks disappears completely.

Various reports have mentioned that the following versions of Adobe Reader were installed: 7.0.0, 7.0.2, 7.0.5, 7.0.8 and 7.0.9. We tested a machine with Adobe Reader 7.0.3 installed and did not observe the problem.

The problem occurs also in Notepad's File > Open... dialog and in Regedit.. We believe that it is due to a bug in Windows seen when an Adobe Reader plugin affects the Windows File > Open... dialog.

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Workaround: A. The issue is documented, saying a hotfix is available, at

B. We also found that on some systems you can prevent the plugin from being loaded by renaming this registry branch (for example, add an 'x' to the end):


However note that if Adobe Reader gets updated then this registry branch will be restored.


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