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Title: Disabling the LispWorks splashscreen

ID: 17018

Product: LispWorks
Version: All
OS: All

LispWorks for Windows

Distributed LispWorks for Windows images present a splashscreen with copyright information on startup. You are not supposed to disable this.

Avoid the splashscreen by using a console image. That is, an image saved with (save-image ... :console nil). See the LispWorks User Guide and Reference Manual for details.

You can change or remove the splashscreen in delivered LispWorks for Windows applications by calling deliver with the :startup-bitmap-file argument. See the Delivery User Guide for details.

You can dismiss the splashscreen programmatically in LispWorks 5.0 and later with win32:dismiss-splash-screen.

LispWorks for Linux and LispWorks for Macintosh

The splashscreen is displayed when the IDE starts up, which it does by default.. You can prevent the IDE from starting automatically by using an image saved with
(save-image ... :environment nil).

The splashscreen is also not displayed if you run LispWorks with an initialization file which runs your code and then calls quit.

LispWorks for Unix

Behaves as LispWorks for Linux except that the IDE does not start up by default in the distributed image.

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