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Title: Failure to start when disconnected from the Internet

ID: 17035

Product: LispWorks for Macintosh
Version: 4.3, 4.4, 5.0
OS: Mac OS X

This article applies to LispWorks 4.x for Macintosh, and LispWorks 5.0 (64-bit) for Macintosh.

By default Mac OS X machines have different names when connected and when not connected to the Internet. After changing the connection state, the LispWorks license check in the above mentioned products will fail, because the data is encoded with the machine name.

The machine name is configured by the line


in the file /etc/hostconfig.

The recommended fix is to edit /etc/hostconfig to give your machine a fixed hostname, then reset the license file if necessary by running in

$ ./lispworks-4-4-5-darwin --lwlicenseserial **** --lwlicensekey ****

Then the LispWorks license check will always look up the expected hostname.

NB LispWorks 5.0 (32-bit) for Macintosh, and later versions including LispWorks 5.1 (64-bit) and LispWorks 5.1 (32-bit) encode the license data with a different machine identifier, which does not vary according to the connection state.

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