3 The Mail Reader

The environment includes tools which let you read and send electronic mail. This chapter tells you how to use the mail reader, which is used for reading mail. The mailer, documented in The Mailer, is used to send mail.

You can start a mail reader by selecting Tools > Rmail in the podium or Works > Mail > Read Mail from any tool. You can also enter Meta+X Rmail in any Editor-based window. The mail reader appears as in Figure 3.1 Example mail reader.

The mail reader reads and saves mail files in RMAIL format (as used by the EMACS text editor). When you first start the mail browser, new mail is searched for and placed in the file ~/RMAIL . See Changing the default RMAIL file if you wish to use an alternative file by default.


Figure 3.1 Example mail reader

The mail reader has six main areas.

To read a particular message, select it in the Summary area.

3.1 Viewing mail messages

3.2 Getting and saving mail messages

3.3 Sending and forwarding mail

3.4 Limiting the display in the summary

3.5 Reading mail stored in other files

3.6 Changing the default RMAIL file

3.7 Moving mail into your RMAIL file

3.8 Sending mail

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