2.5 Reporting bugs

LispWorks Ltd encourages feedback from its customers, and if you find a bug in any aspect of the product, facilities are provided so that you can report it to Lisp Support by electronic mail. To report a bug, follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose Help > Report Bug or Works > Mail > Report Bug from any window, or use the command Meta+X Report Bug in any Editor-based window.
  2. The Bug Options dialog shown in Figure 2.2 Bug Options dialog appears.


    Figure 2.2 Bug Options dialog

  3. Type a short description of the bug into the Subject text box.
  4. This description is used as the subject of your message.

  5. Assess the importance and effect of the bug by changing the default options in the Impact and Urgency lists as appropriate.
  6. Click OK .
  7. A Mailer window appears. The recipient address is automatically filled in, and a bugreport template is inserted into the body of the message. Other information, such as your operating system, the features you have loaded into the image, and the version of the image, are automatically included in the bug template.

  8. Provide more details about the bug as necessary, as described in your LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide or at .
  9. When you have finished composing the bug report, type Ctrl-C Ctrl-C to send the message, or choose Message > Send .

Note: If, during the course of your work, you generate an error that creates a notifier window, you can submit a bug report by clicking on the Report Bug button of the notifier or the associated debugger tool. In such cases, the backtrace is inserted into the body of the text automatically. Please ensure that you include all of this backtrace in your report before submitting it.


LispWorks for UNIX Supplementary Manual - 11 Apr 2005