3.3 Sending and forwarding mail

Choose Message > Reply to reply to the current message. This creates a mailer window in which you can type a reply. The Subject and To fields of the message are filled in for you by default. See Sending mail for details about sending mail.

Choose Message > Forward to forward the current message to someone else. A mailer window is created which contains the text of the message, and with the Subject field filled in for you by default. You can type your own message before forwarding, if you wish.

Choose Message > Send to send a new message. A mailer window is created, with both Subject and To fields left blank.

Choose Message > File to save the current message in another RMAIL file. You are prompted for a filename in the echo podium. If you have already saved a previous message to another file, that file is suggested to you by default.

LispWorks for UNIX Supplementary Manual - 11 Apr 2005