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cell-error-name condition => name

Arguments and Values:

condition---a condition of type cell-error.

name---an object.


Returns the name of the offending cell involved in the situation represented by condition.

The nature of the result depends on the specific type of condition. For example, if the condition is of type unbound-variable, the result is the name of the unbound variable which was being accessed, if the condition is of type undefined-function, this is the name of the undefined function which was being accessed, and if the condition is of type unbound-slot, this is the name of the slot which was being accessed.

Examples: None.

Affected By: None.

Exceptional Situations: None.

See Also:

cell-error, unbound-slot, unbound-variable, undefined-function, Section 9.1 (Condition System Concepts)

Notes: None.

The following X3J13 cleanup issue, not part of the specification, applies to this section:

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