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Standard Generic Function ADD-METHOD


add-method generic-function method => generic-function

Method Signatures:

add-method (generic-function standard-generic-function) (method method)

Arguments and Values:

generic-function---a generic function object.

method---a method object.


The generic function add-method adds a method to a generic function.

If method agrees with an existing method of generic-function on parameter specializers and qualifiers, the existing method is replaced.

Examples: None.

Affected By: None.

Exceptional Situations:

The lambda list of the method function of method must be congruent with the lambda list of generic-function, or an error of type error is signaled.

If method is a method object of another generic function, an error of type error is signaled.

See Also:

defmethod, defgeneric, find-method, remove-method, Section 7.6.3 (Agreement on Parameter Specializers and Qualifiers)

Notes: None.

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