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ora-lob-free Function


Frees a LOB locator.




ora-lob-free lob-locator

A LOB locator.

The function ora-lob-free frees the LOB locator lob-locator.

If lob-locator was retrieved inside an iteration macro or function (that is, one of map-query, do-query, simple-do-query and Loop Extensions in Common SQL), it is freed before the next record is fetched, or when terminating the iteration for the last record.

LOB locators which were retrieved by select or query, or were created by the user by ora-lob-assign or ora-lob-create-empty are freed automatically when the database connection is closed by a call to disconnect.

If you create many LOB locators without closing the connection, it is useful to free them by calling ora-lob-free, to free the resources that are associated with them.

Freeing a LOB locator does not affect the underlying LOB. In particular, after modifications to the LOB there is no rollback even if there was not yet a commit.


ora-lob-free is available only when the "oracle" module is loaded. See the section 23.11 Oracle LOB interface for more information.

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