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Prints the contents of an output pane to a printer.




simple-print-port port &key jobname scale dpi printer drawing-mode interactive background


The function simple-print-port prints the output pane specified by port to the default printer, unless specified otherwise by printer . The arguments of scale and dpi are used to determine how to transform the output pane's coordinate space to physical units. Their meaning here is the same as in get-page-area, except that scale may also take the value :scale-to-fit, in which case the pane is printed as large as possible on a single sheet.

The background color of port is ignored, and the value given by the argument background is used instead. This defaults to :white.

drawing-mode should be either :compatible which causes drawing to be the same as in LispWorks 6.0, or :quality which causes all the drawing to be transformed properly, and allows control over anti-aliasing on Microsoft Windows and GTK+. The default value of drawing-mode is :quality.

For more information about drawing-mode , see The drawing mode and anti-aliasing.

If interactive is t, a print dialog is displayed. This is the default. If interactive is nil, then the document is printed to the current printer without prompting the user.

(example-edit-file "capi/printing/simple-print-port") (example-edit-file "capi/printing/multi-page")
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