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2 Tutorial

The tutorial is a simple example based on an animal guessing game. In this game the user thinks of an animal and the program asks yes/no questions. Eventually the program mentions an explicit animal and asks whether it is correct. If so, the game ends. If it is not correct it will ask what the animal was and ask for a question to distinguish it from its last guess. This is a trivial example of a learning program. The tutorial assumes a certain familiarity with Lisp, LispWorks and the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS).

All examples in this chapter assume that you are typing in expressions in a package that use s the KW package, for instance, KW-USER .

2.1 Getting Started

2.2 Loading the Tutorial

2.3 Running the Tutorial

2.4 Browsers

2.5 KnowledgeWorks Listener

2.6 Debugging

2.7 Lisp Integration

2.8 Systems

2.9 Exiting KnowledgeWorks

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