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2.5 KnowledgeWorks Listener

The KnowledgeWorks Listener has already been shown to function as a Lisp Listener. However it extends this with the ability of the Objects Browser to match objects. When using the Objects Browser the Query pane contained patterns which could be matched against the Object Base. These same patterns can be entered into the KnowledgeWorks Listener. Enter (node ?object) into the Listener. This asks "Are there any node objects?". A NODE object will be returned. To ask for more solutions press the Next button. If there are more you will be shown another, otherwise the listener displays the word NO and the listener prompt reappears. If you do not want to see any more, just press the Return key.

Try entering some of the other expressions from the Objects Browser, for example (and (node ?n animal ?a) (test ?a)) . If the input is not recognized it is treated as Lisp.

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