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2.3 Running the Tutorial

First run the tutorial example a few times. Think of an animal and type (infer) into the listener. infer is a function which starts the forward chaining engine. Popup question windows will appear, which require clicking on either Yes or No . If your animal is guessed correctly, execution will terminate and the listener prompt will reappear. If the final guess is incorrect then:

  1. Another popup will ask what the animal was. Type in the name of an animal and press Return (or click on OK ). If the animal is already known to the system this constitutes an error. A confirmer popup will inform you of this; click on Confirm and execution will terminate.
  2. You will be asked for a question to distinguish your animal from the system's last guess. Type in a question (again without quotes or double-quotes) and press Return . Execution will terminate.
  3. The tutorial may be restarted by typing (infer) again in the listener. This time the system will know about your new animal and the question that distinguishes it. Every time the rule interpreter finishes, it will return and display in the listener the number of rules the forward chaining engine fired.

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