12.2 Finding source code

Note: This section does not apply to LispWorks Personal Edition.

To configure LispWorks so that editor commands such as Find Source , the menu comand Find Source , and the dspec system are able to locate definitions in the supplied editor source code:

  1. Load the logical host for the editor source code:
  2. (load-logical-pathname-translations "EDITOR-SRC")
  3. Configure source finding to know about editor source code:
  4. (setf dspec:*active-finders*
          (append dspec:*active-finders*
                  (list "EDITOR-SRC:editor-tags-db")))
  5. Now do (for example) Meta+X Find Command Definition and enter Wfind File .
  6. The definition of the command Wfind File is displayed in an Editor tool.

See Finding source code for information on controlling how the sourcecode is displayed.

LispWorks User Guide - 8 Apr 2005