12.1.3 Binding commands to keystrokes

You can bind existing editor commands to different keystrokes, using editor:bind-key .

The LispWorks file config/key-binds.lisp is supplied. It shows the standard Emacs key bindings for LispWorks.

The following example shows how to rebind ? so that it behaves as an ordinary character in the echo area of a Common LispWorks tool -- this can be useful if your symbol names include question marks.

(editor:bind-key "Self Insert" #\? :mode "Echo Area")

Since ? is then no longer available for help, you may wish to rebind help to Ctrl+? .

(editor:bind-key "Help on Parse" #\C-? :mode "Echo Area")

If you use another editor emulation, then see the LispWorks file config/msw-key-binds.lisp or config/mac-key-binds.lisp for the corresponding editor:bind-key . forms.

LispWorks User Guide - 8 Apr 2005