12 Simple Customization of LispWorks

This chapter gives examples of how to make minor changes to the LispWorks interface.

There are a number of files that contain configuration and initialization information:

By default, your home directory is located in /users on Unix systems, and C:\users on Windows systems. It has the same name as your user name. So if you log on as john , your home directory is /users/john or C:\users\john .

A sample personal initialization file, the LispWorks file config/a-dot-lispworks.lisp , is supplied. You should created a customized copy of this file when you install LispWorks, as described in the LispWorks Release Notes and Installation Guide .

Many of the customizations discussed in this chapter involve making changes to your personal initialization file.

12.1 Customizing the editor

12.2 Finding source code

12.3 Using ! for :redo

12.4 Customizing LispWorks for use with your own code

12.5 Configuring the printer

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