12.5 Configuring the printer

This section applies only on Unix/Linux platforms.

You can configure your LispWorks image for your printer, by selecting File > Printer Setup from any tool with printing capacities, for example the editor, and choosing Add Printer .

When configuring a printer, the CAPI printing library prompts for a PostScript Printer Description file (PPD), which defines such things as the paper size and the printable area of the page, in the form of a standard PostScript language header. The printing code splices this file into the PostScript produced from submitting a CAPI printing request.

The library on the LispWorks CD contains a generic PPD file, called generic.ppd , that defines these values conservatively to ensure that it should work with most printers. For accurate results, you should use the PPD supplied with your printer.

The PPD files are placed in the ppd subdirectory of the postscript directory in the lispworks library directory. Files added to the ppd directory are expected to have the extension " .ppd ".

12.5.1 PPD file details

LispWorks User Guide - 8 Apr 2005