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directory pathspec &key => pathnames

Arguments and Values:

pathspec---a pathname designator, which may contain wild components.

pathnames---a list of physical pathnames.


Determines which, if any, files that are present in the file system have names matching pathspec, and returns a fresh list of pathnames corresponding to the truenames of those files.

An implementation may be extended to accept implementation-defined keyword arguments to directory.

Examples: None.

Affected By:

The host computer's file system.

Exceptional Situations:

If the attempt to obtain a directory listing is not successful, an error of type file-error is signaled.

See Also:

pathname, logical-pathname, ensure-directories-exist, Section 20.1 (File System Concepts), Section 20.1.2 (File Operations on Open and Closed Streams), Section 19.1.2 (Pathnames as Filenames)


If the pathspec is not wild, the resulting list will contain either zero or one elements.

Common Lisp specifies ``&key'' in the argument list to directory even though no standardized keyword arguments to directory are defined. ``:allow-other-keys t'' may be used in conforming programs in order to quietly ignore any additional keywords which are passed by the program but not supported by the implementation.

The following X3J13 cleanup issues, not part of the specification, apply to this section:

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