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Logical operations require integers as arguments; an error of type type-error should be signaled if an argument is supplied that is not an integer. Integer arguments to logical operations are treated as if they were represented in two's-complement notation.

The next figure shows defined names relating to logical operations on numbers.

ash          boole-ior       logbitp   
boole        boole-nand      logcount  
boole-1      boole-nor       logeqv    
boole-2      boole-orc1      logior    
boole-and    boole-orc2      lognand   
boole-andc1  boole-set       lognor    
boole-andc2  boole-xor       lognot    
boole-c1     integer-length  logorc1   
boole-c2     logand          logorc2   
boole-clr    logandc1        logtest   
boole-eqv    logandc2        logxor    

Figure 12-5. Defined names relating to logical operations on numbers.

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