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Principal Technical Editors:  

Kent M. Pitman Harlequin, Inc. 1993-present Symbolics, Inc. 1990-1992 Kathy Chapman Digital Equipment Corporation 1987-1989

Occasional Guest Editors:

Richard P. Gabriel Lucid, Inc. Sandra Loosemore self

Financial Contributors to the Editing Process:  

Digital Equipment Corporation Harlequin, Ltd. and Harlequin, Inc. Symbolics, Inc. Apple, Inc. Franz, Inc. Lucid, Inc.

Special thanks to Guy L. Steele Jr. and Digital Press for producing Common Lisp: The Language, and for relaxing copyright restrictions enough to make it possible for that document's text to provide an early basis of this work.

Edit and Review History:                                                                                      

01-Jan-89 Chapman Draft of Chapters 1.1 (scope). 01-Jan-89 Pitman Draft of Chapters 5.1 (conditions). 01-May-89 Chapman Draft of 1.2--1.6. 01-May-89 Gabriel Rewrite of Chapters 1.1 and 5.1. 01-Jun-89 Loosemore Review of Chapter 4.2. 01-Jun-89 Pitman Review of Glossary 15-Jun-89 Gabriel Rewrite of Glossary 16-Jun-89 Margolin Comments on Chapters 2.1--2.4 (types, objects). 23-Jun-89 Gabriel Rewrite of 4.2. 07-Jul-89 Moon Review of Chapters 4.1, 4.3 12-Jul-89 Gabriel Revision of 4.2. 15-Jul-89 Pitman Review of Glossary 18-Jul-89 Gray Comments on 5.1 25-Jul-89 Gabriel Revision of Chapters 1.2--1.6, 2.2 26-Jul-89 Gabriel Rewrite of 5.1 26-Jul-89 Gabriel Rewrite of 4.1. 27-Jul-89 Pitman Revision of 5.1 27-Jul-89 Gabriel Revision of 5.1 28-Jul-89 Chapman Draft of 2.2, 3.2, 3.3, 5.4 28-Jul-89 Gabriel Revision of Glossary. 01-Oct-89 Margolin Review of Dictionary from Jun-89 draft. 20-Jan-91 Pitman Draft 8.81 (for X3J13 review). Document X3J13/91-101. 29-Jan-91 Waters Review of 8.81/Chapter 23 (Printer). 01-Mar-91 Moon Review of 8.81/Chapter 4 (Evaluation and Compilation). 01-Mar-91 Barrett Review of 8.81/Chapter 4 (Evaluation and Compilation). 01-Mar-91 Moon Review of 8.81/Glossary. 13-Mar-90 Wechsler Review of 8.81/Glossary. 21-Mar-91 Kerns Review of 8.81/Chapter 1. 26-Apr-91 Margolin Review of 8.81/Chapters 1--12. 15-May-91 Barrett Review of 8.81/Chapters 5 (Misc), 11 (Conditions). 04-Jun-91 Laddaga Review of 9.60/Chapter 20 (Pathnames). 10-Jun-91 Pitman Draft 9.126 (for X3J13 review). Document X3J13/91-102. 02-Sep-91 Barrett Review of 9.28/Chapter 4 (Evaluation and Compilation). 02-Sep-91 Barrett Review of 9.52/Chapter 4 (Evaluation and Compilation). 15-Sep-91 Barrett Review of 9.126/Chapter 4 (Evaluation and Compilation) and Chapter 7 (Evaluation/Compilation). (some comments not yet merged) 18-Sep-91 Wechsler Review of 9.126. 21-Sep-91 Barrett Review of 10.16/Chapter 7 (Evaluation/Compilation). (some comments not yet merged) 28-Sep-91 Barrett Review of 10.95/Chapter 25 (Printer). (some comments not yet merged) 13-Oct-91 Barrett Review (and help editing) of 10.104/Chapter 4 (Evaluation and Compilation) 15-Oct-91 Waters Review of 10.95/Chapter 25 (Printer). 24-Oct-91 Pitman Draft 10.156 (for X3J13 review). Document X3J13/91-103. 04-Nov-91 Moon Review of 10.156/Chapter 5 (Data and Control Flow) and Chapter 26 (Glossary). 11-Nov-91 Loosemore Review of 10.156/Chapter 2 (Syntax), Chapter 3 (Evaluation and Compilation), Chapter 5 (Data and Control Flow), and Chapter 8 (Structures). 02-Dec-91 Barrett Review of 10.156/Chapter 4 (Types and Classes), and Chapter 10 (Symbols). 02-Dec-91 Barrett Review of 10.156/Chapter 3 (Evaluation and Compilation), Chapter 6 (Iteration), Chapter 9 (Conditions), and Chapter 14 (Conses). (some comments not yet merged) 09-Dec-91 Gabriel Review of 10.156/Chapter 1 (Introduction), Chapter 2 (Syntax), and Chapter 3 (Evaluation and Compilation). 09-Dec-91 Ida Light review of 10.156/Chapters 1-5. 09-Dec-91 Moon Review of 10.156/Chapter 3 (Evaluation and Compilation). (some comments not yet merged) 10-Dec-91 Loosemore Review of 10.156/Chapter 10 (Symbols), Chapter 20 (Files), and Chapter 13 (Characters). 10-Dec-91 Loosemore Review of 10.156/Chapter 14 (Conses). (some comments not yet merged) 10-Dec-91 Laubsch Review of 10.156/Chapters 1 (Introduction), Chapter 2 (Syntax), Chapter 3 (Evaluation and Compilation), Chapter 4 (Types and Classes), Chapter 5 (Data and Control Flow), Chapter 7 (Objects), Chapter 11 (Packages), Chapter 19 (Filenames), and Chapter 21 (Streams). 18-Dec-91 Margolin Review of 10.156/Chapter 18 (Hash Tables). 04-Jan-92 White Review of 10.156/Chapter 6 (Iteration), Chapter 11 (Packages), Chapter 18 (Hash Tables), and Chapter 23 (Reader). 04-Jan-92 White Review of 10.156/Chapter 26 (Glossary). (some comments not yet merged) 04-Jan-92 Barrett Review of 10.156/Chapter 18 (Hash Tables) and Chapter 16 (Strings). 04-Jan-92 Barrett Review of 10.156/Chapter 15 (Arrays) and Chapter 21 (Streams). (some comments not yet merged) 06-Jan-92 Loosemore Review of 10.156/Chapter 16 (Strings), Chapter 17 (Sequences), and Chapter 25 (Environment). 06-Jan-92 Loosemore Review of 10.156/Chapter 21 (Streams) and Chapter 23 (Reader). (some comments not yet merged) 06-Jan-92 Margolin Review of 10.156/Chapter 2 (Syntax). 07-Jan-92 Margolin Review of 10.156/Chapter 4 (Types and Classes). 03-Feb-92 Aspinall Review of 10.156/Chapter 12 (Numbers). 16-Feb-92 Pitman Draft 11.82 (for X3J13 letter ballot). Document X3J13/92-101. 16-Mar-92 Loosemore Review of 11.82/Chapter 1, 3-5, 7-12, 18, and 22-26. 16-Feb-92 Pitman Draft 12.24 (for X3 consideration). Document X3J13/92-102. 09-Sep-92 Samson Public Review Comments (#1). Documents X3J13/92-1001 to 92-1003. 22-Oct-92 Rose, Yen Public Review Comments (#2). Documents X3J13/92-1101 to 92-1103. 23-Oct-92 Staley Public Review Comments (#3). Documents X3J13/92-1201 to 92-1204. 09-Nov-92 Barrett Public Review Comments (#4). Documents X3J13/92-3101 to 92-3110. 11-Nov-92 Moon Public Review Comments (#5). Documents X3J13/92-3201 to 92-3248. 17-Nov-92 Loosemore Public Review Comments (#6). Documents X3J13/92-1301 to 92-1335. 23-Nov-92 Margolin Public Review Comments (#7). Documents X3J13/92-1401 to 92-1419. 23-Nov-92 Withington Public Review Comments (#8a). Documents X3J13/92-1501 to 92-1512. 23-Nov-92 Feinberg Public Review Comments (#8b). Documents X3J13/92-1601 to 92-1603. 23-Nov-92 Wechsler Public Review Comments (#8c). Documents X3J13/92-1701 to 92-1703. 23-Nov-92 Moore Public Review Comments (#9). Documents X3J13/92-1801 to 92-1802. 23-Nov-92 Flanagan Public Review Comments (#10). Documents X3J13/92-1901 to 92-1910. 23-Nov-92 Dalton Public Review Comments (#11). Documents X3J13/92-2001 to 92-2012. 23-Nov-92 Gallagher Public Review Comments (#12). Documents X3J13/92-2101 to 92-2103. 23-Nov-92 Norvig Public Review Comments (#13). Documents X3J13/92-2201 to 92-2208. 24-Nov-92 Robertson Public Review Comments (#14). Document X3J13/92-2301. 23-Nov-92 Kawabe Public Review Comments (#15). Documents X3J13/92-2401 to 92-2403. 23-Nov-92 Barrett Public Review Comments (#16). Documents X3J13/92-2511 to X3J13/92-2531. 23-Nov-92 Wertheimer Public Review Comments (#17). Document X3J13/92-2601. 24-Nov-92 Pitman Public Review Comments (#18). Documents X3J13/92-2701 to 92-2742. 24-Nov-92 Mato Mira Public Review Comments (#19). Documents X3J13/92-2801 to 92-2805. 24-Nov-92 Philpot Public Review Comments (#20). Document X3J13/92-2901. 23-Nov-92 Cerys Public Review Comments (#21). Document X3J13/92-3001. 30-Aug-93 Pitman Draft 13.65 (for X3J13 consideration). Document X3J13/93-101. 04-Oct-93 X3J13 Minor fixes to Draft 13.65 before sending to X3. 05-Oct-93 Pitman Draft 14.10 (for X3 consideration). Document X3J13/93-102. 08-Nov-93 Dalton ``reply to reply to pr comments''. Document X3J13/94-311. 04-Apr-94 Boyer, Kaufmann, Moore Public Review Comments (#1). Document X3J13/94-305. 05-Apr-94 Pitman Public Review Comments (#2). Document X3J13/94-306. 14-Mar-94 Schulenburg Public Review Comments (#3). Document X3J13/94-307. 04-Apr-94 Shepard Late commentary. Document X3J13/94-309. 05-May-94 X3J13 Editorial-only changes to Draft 14.10 in response to comments. 10-May-94 Pitman Draft 15.17 (for X3 consideration). Document X3J13/94-101. 12-Aug-94 X3J13 Letter ballot to make specific corrections to Credits. Drafts 15.17 and 15.17R are identical except for: Changes to document date and version number. Disclaimer added to back of cover page. Changes to this Edit and Review History, page Credits iv. Changes to names and headings, pages Credits v-vii. 12-Aug-94 Pitman Draft 15.17R (for X3 consideration). Document ANSI X3.266-1994. 01-Feb-94 Pitman Pre-publication changes per ANSI. This is ANSI X3.226-1994!

The following lists of information are almost certainly incomplete, but it was felt that it was better to risk publishing incomplete information than to fail to acknowledge important contributions by the many people and organizations who have contributed to this effort.

Mention here of any individual or organization does not imply endorsement of this document by that individual or organization.

Ad Hoc Group Chairs:                              

Characters Linden, Thom Charter Ennis, Susan P. Compiler Specification Haflich, Steven M. Loosemore, Sandra Editorial Chapman, Kathy van Roggen, Walter Error and Condition System Pitman, Kent M. Graphics &Windows Douglas Rand Schoen, Eric Iteration Facility White, JonL Language Cleanup Masinter, Larry Fahlman, Scott Lisp1/Lisp2 Gabriel, Richard P. Macros Haflich, Steven M. Pitman, Kent M. Wegman, Mark Object System Bobrow, Daniel G. Presentation of Standard Brown, Gary L. Pretty Printer Waters, Richard C. Public Review Ida, Masayuki Types &Declarations Scherlis, William L. Validation Berman, Richard

Major Administrative Contributions:  

Barrett, Kim Mathis, Robert Brown, Gary L. Pitman, Kent M. Eiron, Hanoch Steele, Guy L., Jr. Gabriel, Richard P. Tyson, Mabry Haflich, Steven M. Van Deusen, Mary Ida, Masayuki White, JonL Loeffler, David D. Whittemore, Susan Loosemore, Sandra Woodyatt, Anne Masinter, Larry Zubkoff, Jan L.

Major Technical Contributions:  

Barrett, Kim A. Keene, Sonya Moon, David A. Bobrow, Daniel G. Kempf, James Perdue, Crispin Daniels, Andy Kerns, Robert W. Pitman, Kent M. DeMichiel, Linda G. Kiczales, Gregor Steele, Guy L., Jr. Dussud, Patrick H. Loosemore, Sandra Waters, Richard C. Fahlman, Scott Margolin, Barry Weinreb, Daniel Gabriel, Richard P. Masinter, Larry White, JonL Ida, Masayuki Mlynarik, Richard

Participating Companies and Organizations:  

AI Architects, Inc. Lucid, Inc. Amoco Production Co. MCC Aoyama Gakuin University MIT Apple Computer MITRE Corporation Boeing Advanced Technology Center MSC Carnegie-Mellon University NASA Ames Research Center Chestnut Software National Bureau of Standards Computer Sciences Nihon Symbolics Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturing Association (X3 Secretariat) CONTEL ParcPlace Systems, Inc. CSC Prime Computer DARPA Siemens Digital Equipment Corporation Southern Illinois University Encore Sperry Evans & Sutherland SRI International Franz, Inc. Sun Microsystems Gigamos Symbolics GMD Tektronix Gold Hill Texas Instruments Grumman Data Systems Corporation The Aerospace Corporation Harlequin, Ltd. Thinking Machines Corporation Hewlett-Packard Unisys Honeywell University of Bath IBM University of Edinburgh Ibuki University of Maryland Integrated Inference Machines University of Utah International LISP Associates US Army Johnson Controls, Inc. USC/ISI LMI Xerox

Individual Participants:  

Adler, Annette Haflich, Steven M. Peck, Jeff Allen, Stanley Harris, Richard M. Pellegrino, Bob Antonisse, Jim Hendler, Jim Perdue, Crispin Arbaugh, Bill Hewitt, Carl Philipp, Christopher Balzer, Bob Hornig, Charles Pierson, Dan Barrett, Kim Ida, Masayuki Pitman, Kent M. Bartley, David H. Kachurik, Catherine A. Posner, Dave Beckerle, Michael Kahn, Ken Raghavan, B. Beiser, Paul Keene, Sonya Rand, Douglas Benson, Eric Keller, Shaun Rininger, Jeff Berman, Richard Kempf, James Rosenking, Jeffrey P. Bobrow, Daniel G. Kerns, Robert W. Scherlis, William L. Boelk, Mary P. Kiczales, Gregor Shiota, Eiji Brittain, Skona Kolb, Dieter Sizer, Andy Brown, Gary L. Koschmann, Timothy Slater, David Chailloux, Jerome Kosinski, Paul Sodan, Angela Chapman, Kathy Larson, Aaron Soley, Richard M. Clinger, Will Latto, Andy Squires, Stephen L. Coffee, Peter C. Laubsch, Joachim St. Clair, Bill Cugini, John Layer, Kevin Stanhope, Philip Curtis, Pavel Linden, Thom Steele, Guy L., Jr. Dabrowski, Christopher Loeffler, David D. Tucker, Paul Daessler, Klaus Loosemore, Sandra Turba, Thomas Dalton, Jeff Magataca, Mituhiro Unietis, Dave Daniels, Andy Margolin, Barry Van Deusen, Mary DeMichiel, Linda G. Masinter, Larry van Roggen, Walter Doi, Takumi Mathis, Robert Waldrum, Ellen Drescher, Gary Matthews, David C. Waters, Richard C. Duggan, Jerry McCarthy, John Wechsler, Allan Dussud, Patrick H. Mikelsons, Martin Wegman, Mark Ennis, Susan P. Mlynarik, Richard Weinreb, Daniel Fahlman, Scott Moon, David A. Weyhrauch, Richard Frayman, Felix Moore, Timothy White, JonL Gabriel, Richard P. Nicoud, Stephen Wieland, Alexis Giansiracusa, Bob Nilsson, Jarl Withington, P. Tucker Goldstein, Brad O'Dell, Jim Wright, Whitman Gray, David Ohlander, Ron York, Bill Greenblatt, Richard Padget, Julian Zacharias, Gail Hadden, George D. Palter, Gary Zubkoff, Jan L.

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