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The following features ensure that our Lisp tools will let you do more work, and do it more easily and more quickly. An informal study by Erann Gat, Lisp as an Alternative to Java backs up what we already believe: Lisp is the best development platform around.

Clean, high-level language model

Lisp lets you think about your programs as objects, functions, and interfaces. You only work with the raw bits when you want to. Here are more details

Advanced object-oriented programming

The Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) provides multiple inheritance, multi-methods, runtime class redefinition, and dynamic type creation. No other language provides an object system so rich in features.

Native code

All our Lisp compilers produce efficient native code.

High-level debugging

Debugging is performed within the language model.

Graphical IDE

Our Common Lisp interactive development environment includes advanced window-based editors, browsers and debuggers.

Further Reading

Here's some papers covering Lisp usage and history, and addressing some of the common misconceptions about Lisp:

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