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LispWorks® for Windows®

LispWorks for Windows is a full native implementation of ANSI Common Lisp. There are two separately-licensed 32-bit and 64-bit products.

LispWorks (32-bit) for Windows supports all modern x86/64 Windows computers - the details are here. It is available in three editions.

LispWorks (64-bit) for Windows supports all modern x64 Windows computers - the details are here. It is available as the Enterprise Edition.

Download the product information sheet (here is a US Letter sized version).

To compare the various LispWorks editions and platforms visit the features page.

Below we describe some of the major features of LispWorks for Windows.

Graphical User Interface

The CAPI and LispWorks IDE run natively on Windows.

Download the free Personal Edition to take a closer look!

The Professional and Enterprise Editions include an Interface Builder tool suitable for generating prototypes of your own CAPI interface classes.

COM and Automation

A COM server and client interface with automation is included with all editions.


All Editions support embedding ActiveX components.

LispWorks Professional and Enterprise Editions can be used to build an ActiveX component.


With the Professional and Enterprise Editions you can build your LispWorks for Windows application as a runtime which is a Windows executable or a Dynamically Linked Library (DLL).

Common SQL Database support

Common SQL, available in the Enterprise Edition, offers sophisticated database access through ODBC or native interfaces to Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Serial Ports

A Serial Port API is included with all editions.

DDE interface

A Direct Data Exchange (DDE) interface is included with all editions.

Windows Editor Emulation

The LispWorks Editor offers a choice of keys: Emacs, or standard Windows editor keys.

System Requirements

Here's more detail about the system requirements.

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