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LispWorks® (32-bit) for UNIX®

This is a full native implementation of ANSI Common Lisp for commercial Unix platforms. Supported UNIX platforms include PA-RISC/HP-UX and Sun SPARC/Solaris. It was the engine for an award winning software experiment in deep space.

LispWorks (32-bit) for UNIX offers the usual LispWorks features but licensing differs from the other platforms. Extra functionality is offered as these separately-licensed add-on products:

For price information on the basic LispWorks (32-bit) for UNIX Developer license, add-on products and service contracts please send e-mail to .

Below we describe some of the major features of LispWorks (32-bit) for UNIX. More detail is shown on the features page.

Note: LispWorks (64-bit) for SPARC Solaris is also available. It follows the Enterprise Edition license and service models.

Graphical User Interface

The CAPI and LispWorks IDE run under X11/Motif.

Common SQL Database support

Common SQL is part of the basic LispWorks for UNIX Developer product. It offers sophisticated database access through native database interfaces or through ODBC.

System Requirements

Here's more detail about the system requirements.

Further Information

If you need further information about LispWorks (32-bit) for Unix and its add-on products, please e-mail .

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