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*to-java-host-stream-no-scroll* Variable


An output stream that sends its output to the Java host without scrolling.



Initial Value

An output stream.


The variable *to-java-host-stream-no-scroll* is bound globally to an output stream that sends any output that is written to it to the Java host, by calling send-message-to-java-host. The where-keyword argument to send-message-to-java-host is :add-no-scroll, so the output is added at the end, without ever scrolling. If you want it to scroll when needed, you can use *to-java-host-stream* instead.

See send-message-to-java-host for details.


The connection to the Java host is made by init-java-interface. Until init-java-interface is called, output to *to-java-host-stream-no-scroll* does nothing.

*to-java-host-stream-no-scroll* is not buffered and makes frequent calls to send-message-to-java-host. This should be OK for dealing with a few kilobytes for each user gesture.

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